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Hello! My name is Nate Amelo. I am originally from Ethiopia. I moved to the US about eight years ago. Although high school was a bit disappointing due to the grade I was in at first, I was able to finish it with high GPA and ranked the top 10% students. Before I moved to the US, I had multiple opportunities where I spent quite some times on computers. I was first introduced to computers back home when I was in elementary school. I started with turning computers on and off, connecting parts changing backgrounds, setting a screen saver, creating files and folders saving, renaming, deleting, and also painting. In middle school, my dad had a work laptop and I used to to play games and type words. High school years were when I spent lots of hours on a pc surfing on the internet, downloading musics, movies, software and games from the internet. I was also introduced to how to create an HTML file and save it. In addition, I was given a magazine project as a group and I was able to explore more about ms-word and power point. When I joined college after I moved to the US, I was required to take an introductory python programing course and ms-office course for IT classes consecutively. It was eye opening for me specially the pylon class. I had no clue about how programming works. Over the years, I started teaching myself how to code using different platforms such as free code camp and w3 schools. Finally, I decided to join refcode so I can get a professional guidance about developing.



September 2022 – Present

Introduction to Professional Web Development


Participating in a 10-week Professional Web Development program spending 20+ hours leaning HTML, CSS, JavaScript, GitHub/Git, Command Line Terminal, Agile/SCRUM Methodologies, Kanban Boards and Continuous Deployment.

February 2022 – June 2022

Junior Cloud Practitioner Program

Generation USA

Participated in a 10-week Jr. Cloud program, spending over 300 hours learning to deploy, configure and manage cloud infrastructure using different tools and writing basic shell scripts. Basic knowledge of Linux, Python, AWS, DevOps to support IT operation related cloud-based environments.

December 2019 – June 2021

International Relations and Business Operation Manager

EagleLion System Technology PLC

Worked closely with the Chief Executive Officer on all matters related to the business, resulting in increased productivity by 40%. Supervised office construction ensuring on start time date Responsible for daily operations and monitored office supplies Created an office budget of $30,000 monthly and ensured all employees follow it Administered, managed, and maintained more than 5+ G-Suite accounts Prepared and presented business reports to the CEO quarterly Fill in for General Manager (GM) in times of absence, made executive decisions, held meetings and provided accountability Provided IT assistance to staff, monitored, installed, configured, updated, upgraded, troubleshot and resolved issues with software and hardware Performed functionality test, evaluated, and wrote reviews about new software products within the company

July 2017 - December 2019

Sales Associate


Greeted customers, responded questions, improved engagement with merchandise, and provided outstanding customer service Troubleshot mobile devices, hard reset, email recovery, backup data, set up new mobile devices, installed, and uninstalled mobile applications Maintained client confidence by keeping their information confidential Had trusted access to store codes, store safe, cash registers & point of sale terminals Checked & followed company standard procedures for cash handling & reporting, inventory control, including opening and closing the store Achieved established goals Directed sales staff in maintaining discipline and demonstrating product features to customers Assessed customers’ needs and provided assistance and information on product features Worked with team to act on customer feedback and resolve customer complaints in timely, friendly and professional manner

June 2016 – July 2016

Office Assistant (Summer Internship)

Dekalb County Division of Family and Children Service

Converted 500+ hardcopy files into electronic files Assisted over 100 customers with food stamp applications Delivered documents and routing mails to agency social case managers which increased efficiency by 50% Participated in an annual backpack and school supplies program for foster children in DeKalb County

2016 - 2017

DISCBOTS Robotics Team Captain

First Robotics Competition (FRC)

Helped the team decide on realistic ideas for robot model Led the robot building segment Understood and explain all competition rules, and points to the team members Helped assign responsibilities/ tasks to team members Recorded/documented team’s progress and ideas throughout the season Communicate to mentors and coaches about progress, issues and team needs


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Web Design


Web Design
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I'm Open to internships.

Before refcode, I have been teaching myself how to code and now I have joined the refcode community,
I have got the right guidance in how to become a profesional web developer. I have developed a strong skillset in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
I have a deep understanding of how to create responsive and user-friendly webpages that are both visually appealing and easy to use.

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